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What Will Your Christmas Memories Be?

Amid all the fuss and bother on Christmas Day, a seven-year-old shares some treats and a simple special moment with her little cousin.

What Memories are Made Of

What are your favorite Christmas memories? I bet many of them – if not most – are from the times you gathered around the table with family and friends. Recently, I heard a four-year-old talk about her nine-year-old cousin. “I remember when she fed me dessert when I was in the high chair,” the younger girl recounted with a big smile on her face and delight in her eyes. Now, that’s a sweet memory.

I witnessed this truly unforgettable moment two years ago when the joy of a plate of cheesecake and chocolate cupcakes became permanently etched in a (grateful) little girl’s memory. By the way, I was one of the adults who assumed, incorrectly, that one of her parents had approved the rather large portions.

May your holiday treats be just as memorable!

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