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We’ll Help You Fight Hunger

After just two months in existence, Food Sharing Network knows well the pleasure and excitement of sharing ideas and recipes about food. We are a small community, but the enthusiasm level is high.

We’ll Help you Fight Hunger

Summertime Lunch

A simple, inexpensive meal, but out of the reach of too many.

As we grow, we’d like to extend our reach by supporting food drives, pantries and other similar anti-hunger ventures. Ours is a simple, free service. Using the form on our contact page, send us a few words about your project and your phone number, and we’ll be in touch soon with eligibility guidelines and instructions. Feel free to give us a call too.

Whether you need help promoting your project or an Internet presence for organizational purposes, we’re ready to support your effort with a post based on information you provide and formatted by us to meet site standards. All posts and their contents will be subject to approval by Food Sharing Network.

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