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Tired of Your Usual Takeout Fare? Rediscover Hot Dogs.

Hot Dogs and Beans for Dinner

The last time we got takeout it was one of the worst pasta dishes that I have ever eaten, overcooked cavatelli with a stingy amount of lifeless broccoli rabe and a garlic sauce THAT WAS ACTUALLY THICKENED!!! Forgive me for shouting. I vowed never to be without the ingredients for one of my favorite go-to meals when there is no time or ambition for cooking.

The Basics:

  • Good Quality Hot Dogs – My favorite brands are Thumann’s and Hebrew National. Although I have been told that freezing hot dogs affects the flavor, I have never noticed. Keep some in the freezer.
  • Hot Dog Rolls – I like top split. I’m not sure of why that makes a difference since you can turn the other kind around, but we all have our food hang-ups. Double-wrap the package using a freezer bag or plastic container, and they will stay fresh for a while without freezer burn.
  • Sauerkraut – The fresh kind sold in the deli section is my first choice, but for the sake of convenience, I keep a few cans in the pantry.
  • Beans – I buy Bush’s Beans by the box at Costco. Chris loves them leftover for breakfast on the weekend too.

Optional, but worth the effort:

Hot Dogs for DinnerA green vegetable. You might not believe this, but roasted asparagus goes great with hot dogs. Tasty with or without Parmesan cheese. Any frozen vegetable that you like will work fine too. So do canned beats, especially with butter.

Or, cut up a few tomatoes. We do this just to have something fresh to round out the meal instead of a salad. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and season with salt. Other spices are optional. Let the tomatoes sit on the counter while you boil the hot dogs and heat the canned beans. They need to weep a bit.

Start by putting any fresh or frozen vegetable on first. Boiling hot dogs and heating up beans takes less than 10 minutes. No beans for you? Bake potatoes in the microwave until done, piercing them along the way to prevent exploding. Start checking at about 7 minutes. If time allows, finish off potatoes in a preheated hot oven to crisp up.

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