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This Harley Stops for Farm Stands

Food Sharing Network guest contributor Barbara Semeraro of Elmwood Park, New Jersey combines two favorite pursuits: cruising the open road with her husband on his Harley and scoring seasonal produce and other tasty treats.

This Harley Stops for Farm Stands

Barbara as biker and food maven

Barbara as biker and food maven.

My husband and I spend most of the year riding motorcycles on the weekends. It is our hobby and our form of relaxation. We gather some other people from my husband’s motorcycle club, The Wanderers MC, and we ride. Most of the time we really don’t know where we are going, and we really don’t care. Now you might think that’s a strange way to start off an article about food, but I’m getting to that….

We mostly ride in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. This year we had the opportunity to ride in Ontario and West Virginia. One thing I love to do when we are riding is to stop at local roadside farm stands. This is mostly to take a break and get the blood circulating again, but stopping also gives me a chance to try whatever happens to be in season wherever we stop.

I bought broccoli, lettuce and strawberries in south Jersey in May. In Pennsylvania, I found fresh spinach and peas. In June, we were in West Virginia where blackberries, raspberries and strawberries were in season. I found summer squash in Pennsylvania and fresh peas and strawberries in New York.

Cherries and raspberries were just right when we were in Ontario in July. They were delicious! Good thing, since the border crossing back into the states took one hour and a half. And then, we were in three hours of stop-and-go traffic in Pennsylvania. So we ate the fruit along the way to stave off boredom and starvation.

This Harley stops at farm stands.

This Harley stops at farm stands. Owner Frank Semeraro in background.

And, of course, over the last few weeks we got corn and Jersey tomatoes, which as everyone knows, are the BEST! While visiting my in-laws in south Jersey recently, we found nectarines and peaches. And I actually bought a cantaloupe in Pennsylvania. If you are wondering how we got that home, not to worry. We have a very large bike! In the fall, you can bet we will find fresh apple pies, baskets of apples and, of course, cider. I’m looking forward to that.

Something good is going to happen at dinner.

Something good is going to happen at dinner. This farm stand in Wayne, NJ was very close to home.

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