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The Simplest Good

Craving oranges has been a recurrent theme since childhood.

Craving oranges has been a recurring theme in my life since childhood.

The only lunch that I remember having in grade school included deli ham on Wonder Bread with mayonnaise, two cookies, a quartered navel orange and a container of milk. I’m sure there were other menus, but this one must have been a favorite. The image of me sitting at a cafeteria table eating what I’m sure was a labor of love for my mother is one of my fondest childhood memories.

The orange was a very important part of the meal. My devotion to oranges would manifest itself throughout my life. For instance,  when I was expecting my daughter I had to have an orange every day for about three months or I was crazed (metaphorically speaking).

I’m sure we all agree that food is more to us than tasty offerings, lack of hunger or nutrition. Lately, I’ve been thinking about a New York Times article about food that I read decades ago. Was it not the simplest good, the writer insisted?

At the time, I considered her position charming, even quaint. But I have definitely changed my thinking, most recently when an orange at breakfast (it wasn’t even that good) took me back to a mundane but emotionally charged recollection.

4 Responses to “The Simplest Good”

  1. your favorite client says:

    I also have an early childhood recollection…a mixed one!
    As young children, my sister and I spent many summers in Utah with our maternal grandparents who had retired in Salt Lake City. Running Along the side of their backyard was a ditch in which wild asparagus grew in abundance. We loved to walk thru the ditch in our bare feet and pluck the asparagus when it was ready for eating. Although the plucking was tons of fun, I discovered that the eating was not. Despite my protestations, my granny made me eat what was apportioned to me. Ugh! To this day, I cannot eat asparagus.

  2. Kathy Mathieu says:

    Asparagus is another one of my obsessions. I usually roast them, but we had them at home frozen or canned, and with butter, of course.

  3. Patti Bandy says:

    Hi Kathy!!!! Nice Website!!!! Some very interesting recipes!!

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