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A Lovely Meal at Terre à Terre

Chris and I can eat and like most things when it comes to home cooking, but when it comes to eating out, we are hard to please. Can you blame us? We know (and are) pretty good home chefs who can prepare and serve a lovely meal. Should we not expect the same from the professionals? Food Sharing Network shares its experience at Terre à Terre in Carlstadt, NJ.

We Live and Learn

“With an ever-hungry young man, few things enhance a girl’s stock as a girl as swiftly, as surely, as something really good to eat that she made herself.”

Who writes stuff like this, you ask? Believe it or not, Enid A. Haupt, publishing executive, visionary philanthropist and leader among her peers, New York’s elite. The quote is from the foreword to the 1964 edition of The Seventeen Cookbook, which Kathy recently unearthed in a box of old cookbooks in her garage.

Are you thinking apple pie?

Do you have a pile of apples that seem just right for cooking? Food Sharing Network is pleased to share Kathy’s favorite recipe for apple pie.