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Stop and Shop: Honeycrisp Apple Inspired Originals

dsc_9859 dsc_9882 img_0094-1It made perfect sense to me when I learned that Stop and Shop had launched a limited edition line of products themed Honeycrisp Apple Inspired Originals. In my opinion, a really good Honeycrisp apple is a delightful treat. Apparently, the company had done the polls (excuse the election year lingo), and its customers were craving the Honeycrisp flavor in more ways than the fruit offered.

Numerous products debuted this summer to measure customer demand. If you like granola, do try the line’s version. While it’s great for noshing right out of the bag, I splurged one morning when I craved something sweet. A pretty decent size bowl of the crunchy concoction covered with cold milk was worth the extra calories.

The Butternut Squash & Spiced Apple Bisque was a lovely change of pace one August evening. Tasty and ready to heat and eat, the soup dressed up an otherwise plain dinner with practically no preparation.

Although we don’t have a grill, we used the Mulled Apple Bourbon BBQ Sauce on both pork ribs and chicken roasted in the oven. Cook them at 375 degrees, turning every 20 minutes and basting on both sides until done. I suspect the sauce also would be excellent on boneless chicken pieces cooked outside on a grill.

Many thanks to Stop and Shop for sharing these products with me.

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