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Set Your Table with Great Food – and Orchids

Looking for something new and unique as you prepare your home for the holidays? Orchids might be just the thing.

Let Orchids Spread Your Holiday Cheer

The top door prize at Black Meadow Flora's OrchidFest this year was a top drawer arrangement made to the winner's specs.

The top door prize at Black Meadow Flora’s OrchidFest this year was a dramatic arrangement made to the winner’s specs.

Black Meadow Flora in Chester, New York launched the holiday season a bit early this year, said Margaret C. Bridge, owner of the specialty greenhouse. “The top door prize at our annual OrchidFest was a customized Thanksgiving Day arrangement.”

Orchids are a popular décor item all year, said Margaret, but with increasing frequency holiday hosts are incorporating orchids into their table decorations, as well as throughout their home. Good quality orchids add beauty and sparkle to any setting, and last longer than cut floral arrangements and many other plants. “Orchids are also a popular holiday present and a truly special gift for those terrific individuals who host holiday get-togethers,” she said. “Traditional, miniature and novelty Phalaenopsis and unique orchids not commonly available elsewhere are all good options for decorating and gift-giving.”

Planning ahead is a good idea when shopping for orchids, said Margaret. “Many of our customers come in or call in advance to arrange for particular colors or varieties.”

Photos courtesy Black Meadow Flora.

4 Responses to “Set Your Table with Great Food – and Orchids”

  1. nalia says:

    amazing display. I get all my orchids from Black Meadow and they are indeed the best. We got the centerpieces for my moms 50th birthday – a mix of Phalaenopsis in assorted colors, and three years later, she still has her arrangement healthy and blooming. can’t wait to get my christmas arrangement.

  2. Kathy says:

    I’m sure it will be remarkable. Merry Christmas!

  3. I have to boast a bit… our orchids are very special and Colleen is a very talented designer. We have a number of preset arrangements for the holidays, typically white phalaenopsis. They compliment any home! But we are also designing for others who want a bit more color. Each year, our holiday gift business grows substantially. An orchid or an orchid arrangement is a very unique gift that says “you are special!”

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