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“nourishment from the sky and some grub in their belly”

Dylan Huerter, who delivers sack lunches for Elephants Delicatessen in Portland, Oregon, probably didn’t have a Big Plan when he decided to distribute food from a last minute order cancellation to city residents. Yet, his sharing, caring act went a long way.

With the assistance of friend Anjuli Azim, who accompanied him on the serendipitous mission, and co-workers Brad Barker and Ben Aamot, Dylan not only fed some hungry people. He also brightened their day. Take the time to view an inspiring video from that day – and do observe the reactions of the recipients. Their faces tell it all.

This impromptu act of generosity was one of Dylan’s own initiative, but not outside the box for Elephants’ culture. The Portland institution is known for being involved in the community. Its retail stores and catering kitchen donate remaining food to local hunger relief organizations on a regular basis.

Food Sharing Network is proud to share this video, which Dylan posted on his Facebook page. We quote from the note that he included in our title.

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