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No Event Planner Required

Looking through old photos as I prepared to launch Food Sharing Network, I came across many that brought back good memories, including a number of celebrations. Needless to say, in these parts such happy occasions include food.

Some have been more memorable than others. The graduation party under a chandelier-lit tent that lasted all weekend because we had so much food is definitely at the top of that list. Since it was impossible to fit all of the leftovers in my refrigerator, our guests took home what they could and returned with a selection for meals the next day. It was a big letdown on Monday when people had to go back to work and the tent to the rental company.

There was the “tie cake” that my daughter (she was about eight) decorated for Father’s Day using a tube of red gel that started us making cakes for family parties. Personally, I think the whipped cream ice cream cake, complete with rainbow sprinkles, was our best. I can still see my very intent husband, who at that point barely cooked, throwing the sprinkles at the sides. Ha!

Among my top ten is the impromptu party we had for one of my best friends ever. Bob was my first Jack Russell Terrier. We thought it would be great to get the kids a dog, but things did not turn out as expected. Bob became devoted to me, and I to him, of course. Yet, it was our two children who threw his first birthday party. Within a couple of hours, they decorated our deck, planned games and gathered the neighborhood kids, whose parents managed to get together gifts such as hot dogs.

Bob never did figure out the rules for Hot Potato that day—and it was pretty tough to catch him when he stole the potato—but he understood that something special was going on when we gave him a piece of the Carvel ice cream cake. Actually, I had to encourage him to eat it. “I’m not allowed,” he seemed to say as he hesitated before chowing down with great enthusiasm.

Have you had some particularly sweet, successful or slightly nutty parties? Or, maybe there’s a disaster that you can laugh about now that you would like to share. Your stories, suggestions and comments are most welcome.

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