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Lobster Roll at Lunch, an Amagansett Tradition

We should have realized when our server in the Amagansett, NY eatery where we lunched today didn’t introduce himself that things were promising. When waitstaff introduce themselves I have visions of having to call out loudly for assistance during the meal. Call me old-fashioned, but I like an establishment where the employees don’t need me to put a meal on the table.

Lunch, Amagansett, NYClosing in on the end of a week’s vacation, we craved a good meal. What we would eat almost didn’t matter, as long as the food, ambience and service were worthy of our time and money. The truth be known, we were RECOVERING from last night’s expensive dinner, which featured more than one poorly prepared offering, badly timed service, a dirty menu in desperate need of a soapy dishrag and the noisiest dining room in the world (I am sure of that distinction). Let the record show, not everything went bad last evening and the staff was hardworking and accommodating, a good reason not to share the name of the restaurant.

We chose The Lobster Roll, usually called Lunch, an East End landmark on Montauk Highway known especially for its lobster salad. After decades of vacationing in the area, we know that longevity does not necessarily mean quality. Not only have we seen them come and go, there are more than a few restaurants in the area that have survived because newbies to the area simply don’t know enough to avoid them. That notwithstanding, if we needed the comfort of a deserving old favorite, we got that at Lunch.

The restaurant was pleasant and clean (even the menu – the first thing I checked, btw) and our server Anthony was attentive and quite capable. If anyone wasn’t enjoying the food, I surely couldn’t tell. I savored the luscious cold lobster salad on a lovely toasted roll, tasty coleslaw, creamy chowder and Long Island chardonnay that I ordered.

Right before we left, I told Anthony I would write this post and asked him his name. He never did have any reason to offer it.

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