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Kathy’s Top 11: Amagansett Vacation

Having to eat out three times a day on vacation can get tedious. After numerous vacations at White Sands, a lovely motel on the Atlantic Ocean in Amagansett, NY, I think I can say that we have learned how to strike a balance between going out and making the best use of the efficiency kitchen in our room and the Weber grills and tables on the patio.

Don’t get me wrong. Chris and I do not grill at home. However, we go on vacation with dear friends who provide the skill side of the equation. We supply enormous enthusiasm and assistance, Chris working closely with our head chef, Glenn, who deserves a great title since he’s pulled off many great BBQs and more. Do you know that it is possible to cook a turkey in a metal garbage can? Glenn does, and many years back he did so on the beach. Someday, I’ll dig out those photos and do a definitive post for those of you who would care to try.

For 2014, my top 11 (in no particular order) for food on this vacation are:

  • Fresh hot coffee with a view of the ocean.
  • A strawberry shortcake birthday cake from the IGA on Montauk Highway in Amagansett. I believe it was from the bakery at Gurney’s Inn.
  • The candles that spelled out “Happy Birthday” on the cake.
  • The chicken, steak, sausages and hamburgers we had at our seaside BBQs.
  • The bacon, cheese and egg sandwich from Luz’s Deli.
  • Gosman’s swordfish and peach raspberry pie with vanilla ice cream.
  • The lobster roll at Lunch.
  • The addition of a coed bathroom that shortened the line to the ladies room at a local restaurant.
  • All the tasty vegetables and salad that Carmen, Chris and I prepared.
  • Fresh vegetables from Vicki’s, a local farm stand, especially its superb corn.
  • Over-easy eggs with corned beef hash at the Candy Kitchen in Bridgehampton.

Delicious bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches.


Glenn’s excellent BBQ


A coed bathroom

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