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Just one more piece of pumpkin pie…

Maple Spice Pumpkin Pie

Winding down on the holiday eating has begun, although I do have a few goodies around that I am enjoying in small quantities. I’ve cut the rest of the pumpkin pie that I made into modest pieces. On this occasion (pictured), I decided to skip the whipped cream and have a few pieces of the mouth-watering candy from Krause’s in Paterson, New Jersey that Chris gave me.

Btw, do make homemade whipped cream. We use an eggbeater – a quick and easier solution than getting out the mixmaster. This task is one of Chris’s specialities as kitchen assistant par excellence.

Many thanks to the website Simple Bites for the quite good one-bowl recipe.

Tip: When I don’t make the crust, I use an Oronoque Orchards deep dish crust, a rather good frozen product that doesn’t taste greasy or artificial. The only problem is that the recipe will fill it almost to the top. Placing the empty crust on a stiff cookie sheet before pouring in the ingredients will allow you to get the pie in without spilling anything on the bottom of the oven.

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