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Got mushrooms? Try this mushroom lasagna.

Food Sharing Network‘s photo editor Chris Mathieu isn’t much of a cook, but he follows the New York Times online cooking suggestions pretty closely. Those of you who cook dinner almost every night will understand how pleased I was when he produced a selection of new recipes to make for dinner. If you don’t cook regularly, take it from somebody who has made more than 15,000 dinners (that would be me) this was beyond helpful. Even those of us who enjoy cooking both run out of ideas and get tired of their usual repertoire.

Kudos to Martha Rose Shulman for this tasty, but guilt-free recipe. You can see we ate simply, adding only roasted carrots and bread. Btw, the lasagna tastes a lot better than it looks in the photos. We found it moist, flavorful and a nice change from the usual.

Do note that it took us, working together, more than an hour to get it into the oven. Perhaps it will go more quickly the next time – and I do plan to make it again.

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