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Delightful Dining in Oregon

We missed three snowstorms in New Jersey when we traveled to Portland, Oregon in early March. Better than that, we left behind cold and icy weather on a Saturday evening to wake up the next morning to numerous trees and plants that had already greened out and even bloomed.

That week of early spring with sunshine and temperatures in the 60s was not the only pleasing part of our vacation. We also had more than one good meal at restaurants located in and around the city.

Chris and I like to take what I call random rides while on vacation. He’s my go-to guy when it comes to fly-drive trips, and I am an excellent passenger. Siri navigates, of course, freeing me of a chore that I never find enjoyable.

One find on those sojourns was Roseanna’s Cafe in Oceanside, where I had the best lunch of the vacation. A seat by the window provided a gorgeous view of the Pacific, as well as a cozy spot across from a gas stove that took off the spring chill. The town is quaint, but the menu is upscale and interesting without being trendy or pretentious. The menu is not online, but you can call ahead with your questions.

Our first dinner in town was at The Observatory, where I found the themed décor as well as the food and service to be well worth recommending. I especially enjoyed my entrée – everything was very good – a lamb burger served with Brier Rose Creamery goat cheese, roasted red peppers, marinated onions, fries and red pepper aioli. You shouldn’t be intimated by the menu, but it can be previewed on the restaurant’s website.

If you appreciate the farm-to-table movement, try The Farm Café, another one of Portland’s well-regarded restaurants. The ambiance was a big part of our good experience, as were the skills of our server and other staff. I was particularly impressed by the fact that although we ate dinner at an early hour, the dining room did not seem dreary at all as we waited for the dinner crowd to fill it. I am happy to include images of two of the salads we enjoyed. The quality of the food is apparent.

Finally, if cooking and eating in is part of your plan, don’t miss the grocery chain New Seasons Market. It will be a bit expensive, but you won’t be disappointed with its offerings, especially fresh items such as meat, fish, cheese and produce. A knowledgeable person who can help you select the right libation will staff the wine and beer section. You’ll find all the assistance you require throughout the store at the self-proclaimed “Friendliest Store in Town.”

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