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Cupcake Throwdown at the Jersey Shore

Memorial Day weekend included some joyous baking with extended family for Food Sharing Network contributor Rose Ellen Lorber-Termaat. Here’s her account, photos included.

Cupcake Throwdown at the Jersey Shore

My friend Celeste and her daughter Hillary took a Wilton cake decorating class a few years back, and really ramped up the basic frosted cake notion. A holiday (or any excuse for a gathering, for that matter) would be the inspiration for themed cakes and cupcakes. Now, I loved the turkey peeps cupcakes and Super Bowl cakes, but the giant peep cake for Easter put them over the top.

This love of cake decorating just grew. Our extended family began to have cupcake and cake decorating throwdowns on the lido deck (as we call the deck overlooking the waterway) of Celeste’s sister Amy’s house down the shore. We model the sessions after Food Network type shows, and we have a blast.

The latest throwdown was Memorial Day weekend, and the crowd of participants included sisters, daughters, friends, nieces and cousins – it’s a girl thing!

I lift a glass to my extended family of Jersey girls. Here’s to many more delicious gatherings!

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