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My Luscious Potato Gratin

My Luscious Potato Gratin

Let me begin by explaining my motivation for making this gratin. I had long sought a fancy potato casserole that would do well cooked ahead and reheated the next day. Accustomed to reheating food in the microwave, I had lost touch with using the conventional oven for this task. Determined to use my cast iron gratin pan, the microwave was not an option. I decided to bite the bullet and experiment on my dear friends Carmen and Glenn, always a pleasure to host. This recipe produces a good amount of food, many more servings that the six noted by Martha Stewart, its author.

I followed Martha’s recipe with the exception of substituting sharp cheddar for gruyere. I reheated the dish brought to room temperature in a pre-heated 350 oven uncovered for 10 minutes, 20 minutes covered, then ABOUT 10 minutes more uncovered, having turned up the temperature to 375. I should add that I also reheated small portions in the microwave after that, and I wouldn’t recommend reheating the whole casserole. In any event, watch it carefully. You just want it hot enough to be tasty. Don’t attempt to get it to bubble again.

Please note: on Martha’s website the gratin does not have” holes” in it. I suspect that happened because I did not distribute the cheese carefully.

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