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An Elegant Choice: Seafood Stew

When Food Sharing Network’s Jill Mathieu needed something special for a landmark birthday celebration, she chose wisely: an elegant seafood stew.

There’s still time to make Toni’s Wald...

Not as universally appreciated as a green or fruit salad, those who love the combination of walnuts, apples and celery will be quite pleased with Toni’s Waldorf Salad.

Easy and Delicious Party Cheese Log

When Food Sharing Network guest contributor Helena Dinis asked if we’d like a recipe for an easy-to-make cheese log, I jumped at the chance. Not only is it yummy and easy to make, it’s prepared ahead – an excellent choice all-around for holiday parties and other gatherings. Helena trialed it at her end-of-summer barbecue. Like all good cooks, she always has something good to serve up her sleeve.

Pozole Verde (Green Pozole)

Pozole is my go-to soup when the kids are feeling under the weather, when we need something to warm us up from the inside out, or when I just need a bowl of comfort – Heather Luis-Martinez, Orange County, California

Inspired by Jeanne Lemlin: Shredded Kale and Rice ...

After last week’s delectable CSA pickup from Richfield Farms in Clifton, NJ, I knew I had to make something really good. Fortunately, I had recently come across a recipe for kale salad by one of my favorite cookbook writers.