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Hash Browns and Egg Casserole

The weather in New Jersey is still pretty chilly, and this rich casserole with cheese, potatoes and eggs is the perfect wintertime comfort food. My sister-in-law and Food Sharing Network guest contributor Barbara Mathieu Semeraro introduced me to this dish when she made it for her brother’s birthday party.

An Elegant Choice: Seafood Stew

When Food Sharing Network’s Jill Mathieu needed something special for a landmark birthday celebration, she chose wisely: an elegant seafood stew.

Stand tall, turkey leftovers.

It’s tough to know what to call this casserole comprised of leftovers. Chris Mathieu of Food Sharing Network calls it The Conglomeration. But, you can be sure that if you like a turkey dinner, you will like this tasty dish.

Easy Fresh Tomato Pasta Sauce

The summertime bounty of fresh tomatoes is almost over. Don’t miss your chance to make this excellent recipe featuring ripe seasonal tomatoes

Easy Homemade Vegetable Soup

My third CSA share from Richfield Farms in Clifton, New Jersey did not disappoint. Torpedo onions, Swiss chard and organic bok choy were among the “don’t usually buy” selections. My first dish? An easy vegetable soup. What I learned? That all celery is not created equal.