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Stop and Shop: Honeycrisp Apple Inspired Originals

It made perfect sense to Food Sharing Network’s Kathy Mathieu when she learned that Stop and Shop had launched a limited edition line of products themed Honeycrisp Apple Inspired Originals. In her opinion, a really good Honeycrisp apple is a delightful treat. Apparently, the company had done the polls (excuse the election year lingo), and its customers were craving the Honeycrisp flavor in more ways than the fruit offered.

Jersey Bites: Potato, Beef and Eggplant Casserole

Most foodies crave truly delicious fresh vegetables, especially since they can be tough to find. Imagine Kathy’s delight when fresh produce from Chickadee Creek Farm’s stand at Denville Farmers’ Market in New Jersey included outstanding ingredients that resulted in more than one delicious meal. The eggplant, most notable for its mild, mellow taste, was the star of the selection.

Melt-in-Your-Mouth Marinated Grilled Tuna

Previous to this month, I was under the impression that I had been served some pretty good grilled fresh tuna. So I thought until Food Sharing Network guest contributor Margaret C. Bridge invited us to her vacation home and showed us how this delectable dish should be done.

Baby William’s Potato Salad

Homemade potato salad can be a real treat. My fairly classic version even has sentimental value.

Positively Luscious Salmon with Anchovy-Garlic But...

Although I am usually an equal opportunity eater, I don’t like the look of canned anchovy filets. Get those guppies away from me! Surprisingly, they are among the ingredients in more than one recipe that I think is smashing.

So when Food Sharing Network Photo Editor Chris Mathieu (who will tell you that he doesn’t know how to cook) offered to make a New York Times recipe that included anchovies, I was thrilled.