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There are nights when … only the moon howls.

There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls. ~ George Carlin

Stuffed Cabbage (Gołąbki)

I should call this recipe “Bumpkeys.” That’s what my not-Polish husband called them when our kids were little and couldn’t say Gołąbki, (Gi-wump-key) the dish’s name in Polish. This simple recipe, a crowd-pleaser, goes a long way and is perfect for parties and holiday buffets.

Burrito Bar

My son-in-law and Food Sharing Network contributor James Vasile of Brooklyn, New York is not just a great guy. He’s a great cook too. Here he shares a recipe that is tasty, easy, casual and fun. What else could you want?

The Simplest Good

The only lunch that I remember having in grade school included deli ham on Wonder Bread with mayonnaise, two cookies, a quartered navel orange and a container of milk. The image of me sitting at a cafeteria table eating what I’m sure was a labor of love for my mother is one of my fondest childhood memories.

Hot Dog Fried Rice

Our son, Chris Mathieu, a food industry professional in Portland, Oregon and Food Sharing Network founding contributor, introduced me to this dish the day after a party left us with more leftovers than energy to cook.

Think of Hot Dog Fried Rice as a dish filled with possibilities.