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Lyndhurst, NJ – Help for the Hungry

Kathy was recently approached by a woman at the Shop-Rite in Lyndhurst, NJ who said, “You would be surprised to know how many people in Lyndhurst do not have enough to eat. Hunger is pervasive in America. Food Sharing Network shares resources for Lyndhurst’s hungriest residents.

Spotlight: Halloween Against Hunger

You don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving to donate food to feed the hungry. Take a cue from one organization in New Jersey.

Andiamo Benefit Motorcycle Run is Sunday

Sunday is the 15th Andiamo Benefit Motorcycle Run, a project of Andiamo Restaurant in Haworth, NJ. Support this outstanding charitable endeavor by riding, donating or attending the post-run block party. Congrats to the Dickstein family and the entire Andiamo Run team on 15 years of riding to help others. The starting point at Andiamo Restaurant in Haworth, NJ Over the GWB in...

“nourishment from the sky and some grub in their belly”...

Dylan Huerter, who delivers sack lunches for Elephants Delicatessen in Portland, Oregon, probably didn’t have a Big Plan when he decided to distribute food from a last minute order cancellation to city residents.

With Spring Comes Hope and, Hopefully, a Renewed Spirit of Giving...

Do you know that most community pantries experience a significant drop in donations after the holidays? March is a great time to get back on the giving train.