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A Mighty Force in Fighting Hunger: Neighbors Together...

Food Sharing Network is proud to support Neighbors Together in its exemplary work in helping fight hunger in Brooklyn, New York.

Plates for Change

Social justice and the plight of the poor have been front and center this week. Many people, Catholics and non-Catholics alike, have been inspired by the Pope’s words. Are you looking for an opportunity to share what you have with those who have less? Take a look at Neighbors Together, an organization committed to ending hunger and poverty in Ocean Hill, Brownsville and Bedford-Stuyvesant, three of the lowest-income areas in New York City.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors – A Simple Solution...

Take a break from your summer fun and help your neighbor. Your local food pantry needs you!

Your Local Food Pantry Needs Your Help

Food Sharing Network is pleased to post this very important announcement from the Rutherford Community Pantry in Rutherford, NJ.

Crank It Up for Turkey Day

Do you have a plan this holiday season for giving back and sharing your bounty with the less fortunate? Kudos to VIP Fitness in Lyndhurst, NJ for its very cool version of a Thanksgiving food drive that will benefit a local food pantry.