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Broccoli with Anchovies


Brocolli with anchovies. That’s a bit of oven-roasted salmon on the side.

Food biases make our lives harder and keep us from enjoying food that we would like. So, although I have a great reluctance to deal with anchovies at all, I have to say that more than one dish has come my way to make me rethink my approach to these funny looking fillets. Fortunately, Food Sharing Network photo editor Chris Mathieu, who rarely cooks – an excellent sous chef tho’ – has made cooking with anchovies a part of his small repertoire. Two things – you don’t have to be an experienced cook to make this, and even if you don’t like the looks of anchovies (like me), you might find this as yummy as I do.

Enjoy this recipe by Pierre Franey, courtesy of the New York Times website.

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