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A New Family Favorite – Baked Brie with Fig Sauce

Square Fig SauceCooking and eating are big parts of getting together with family for Chris and me. Most often, everyone pitches in, which adds to the fun. We enjoy trying new recipes, especially when the guests are versatile eaters with good appetites. It was delightful to try a new appetizer that appears to be our newest favorite family – baked brie with a quick and easy fresh fig sauce.

Figs and Toasted

Almonds Brie

Try this recipe by Casandra Yaz of Allrecipes if you are looking for something tasty and satisfying. Of course, you do need to like brie and figs.  I think you will find this to be, as I did, an almost luxurious treat. Try it for the holidays – you can bake it while the roast is resting. And, yes, it does look spectacular, doesn’t it?

Btw, I didn’t toast the almonds and that was okay, although I will do that the next time. There’s nothing wrong with “more delicious.”

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