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Are You Ready for the Holidays?

Food Sharing Network guest contributor Barbara Semeraro is always thinking about her holiday cooking. The first week of October finds her way ahead of most of her peers.

No Time Like the Present to Prepare

for the Holidays

You might think that the dog days of summer and early fall are funny times to be thinking about the holidays. But since I host Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve dinner for my family, I am ALWAYS thinking about cooking for those holidays. In fact, just this summer I found three new recipes that I might incorporate into the menus somewhere.

Barbara's husband Frank and granddaughter Kayla are excellent helpers in the kitchen.

Barbara’s husband Frank and granddaughter Kayla are excellent helpers in the kitchen.

Over the years I have learned what works and what doesn’t. I have also tried to incorporate more fresh foods, which I found out really means more manual labor. I bought myself a mandolin and learned how to use it. Well, actually, I showed my husband how to use it, gave him a bag of potatoes and a bag of carrots, and he went to town. And he still has all his knuckles!

I put my food processor to work and made fresh salad dressing, and once you have tasted fresh dressing, you never want to go back to bottled. I always make fresh hummus. If you have never tried making it fresh, you should. It’s very easy and very cheap. I have also learned that food that can be served at room temperature is the way to go. I have made roasted cauliflower, and broccoli Aglio Et Olio, which both serve up nicely at room temperature.

Of course, there are the favs that cannot be left out – like green bean casserole for my niece, mashed potatoes for my daughters (only now they have the skins left on), and candied sweet potatoes (a nod to my mother who never served a Thanksgiving without them). And right before the guests arrive and the turkey comes out of its cooking bag for my brother to carve, I raise a glass of wine to my father, who would have loved it all!

Photos courtesy Barbara Semeraro

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  1. Jill Mathieu says:

    Can’t wait for this year’s Thanksgiving feast at Barbara and Frank’s!

  2. Kathy says:


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