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An Awesome Choice: Lyndhurst Pastry Shop

Are you looking for a new bakery now that Mazur’s is closed? Food Sharing Network is pleased to repeat a post from earlier this year about an awesome alternative: Lyndhurst Pastry Shop.

Tiramisu, Cannoli Cake and More

Although I’m always a bit reluctant to recommend a store or business, if I’m going to share with you my favorite foods and food experiences I must mention Lyndhurst Pastry Shop in Lyndhurst, New Jersey.

This family-run business has everything going for it, including high quality baked goods, great service and reasonable prices. The blast-from-the-past bakery (I know it’s not possible, but at times everyone seems related.) is not large, but somehow it manages always to have a good selection of excellent offerings, including Italian delicacies such as miniature and full-size pastries, pignoli cookies, tiramisu, cannoli cake and seasonal specialties such as wheat pie. If there is a secret recipe to be coveted, for me it is the melt-in-your-mouth pastry crust used in the apple, blueberry and cherry turnovers, which in my experience is beyond compare. (Do let us know how the new pineapple turnovers are. I haven’t tasted them yet.) Go early enough in the day to pick up some Italian or semolina bread or call ahead to reserve a loaf. I usually order semolina rolls in advance for parties when I want to serve truly delicious bread to my guests.

Many of the regular offerings make great special occasion cakes, and this shop is my only choice when it comes to a decorated cake. My favorite is the miniature chocolate wedding cake with butter cream icing that the store made for an anniversary dinner prepared by my children and son-in-law. I insisted on providing the cake for, well, sentimental reasons. Look closely. That’s the bride and groom from my wedding cake. The topper is a bit worn and dingy, but I knew the baker would pull it all together when he made this outstanding custom anniversary cake. Also pictured are the delicious sheet cake he made for my daughter’s baby shower and another anniversary cake with a much newer topper.

Bravo, Lyndhurst Pastry Shop, and thanks!

One Response to “An Awesome Choice: Lyndhurst Pastry Shop”

  1. Rose Ellen Lorber-Termaat says:

    I agree. The Lyndhurst Pastry Shop is awesome! I particularly love their napoleons. Flaky crust, delicious filling, and thick layer of icing. The best! I also recommend trying their ices from their outdoor takeout window come summer. Very unique flavors!

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