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Food Sharing Network

Kathy Mathieu, Food Sharing NetworkWelcome to Food Sharing Network, a gathering place dedicated to all things food.

Are you passionate about cooking? Always on the hunt for quality ingredients?  Do you enjoy bringing people together around your table? Do you fuss over table settings, linens, candles, etc.? Perhaps your expertise is more along the lines of finding great restaurants and take-out. Or, maybe you just love to eat or write about food…. For any of these reasons and many more, I most cordially invite you to be part of Food Sharing Network.

Kathy Mathieu
Founder and Moderator


  • Please save your criticisms and complaints for other venues.
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  • All posts will be subject to moderation.
  • Do not take credit for other people’s recipes. The honor system is in effect here.
  • Off-topic posts are discouraged.

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