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A Lovely Lunch in Paris – Café Louise

img_6966Although it has been more than two months since we dined at Café Louise in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés section of Paris, I still remember the comfortable vibes.

As first-time visitors to the city, we were eager to see and do as much as we could, sometimes waiting a bit too long to eat. Often “starving,” we maintained our standards when it came to eating. We wanted a pleasant environment and good food. Café Louise fit these requirements.

Be sure, it took some looking. There seemed to be more than one tourist trap in the area serving unappealing food. Fortunately, you often can preview the offerings at cafes. It’s usually possible to walk discreetly past the outdoor seating areas and sneak a peek. I should note that we invariably eat indoors because there can be a good amount of smoking outside.

We enjoyed our meal of quiche, salad and French fries. And, the large bottle of sparkling water that I ordered by mistake. I could tell the waiter was asking an important question, but I didn’t understand so I just said “Oui”. Actually, I probably said “Yes….”

We already were completely at ease when one of the owners, a charming women who speaks excellent English, visited our table. She was most cordial. I apologize for not remembering her name – but I do know that the restaurant is named after her oldest daughter. When we go back to Paris, I will commit her name to memory and let you know.

So, here is a link to the Café Louise website. Don’t be afraid to visit because it is in French. The menu will be in English and French – or, at least, that is how I remember it – a good sign that even if you don’t speak the language, you can have a lovely lunch there too.

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